Panelbeating Service

Panelbeating Unlimited boast a colossal product range consisting of the following divisions, when a vehicle is damaged and requires no structural repairs it qualifies as general panel beating & repairs. For example when a bumper, fender, bonnet or door is damaged and replaced. Specialized panel beating and repairs consists of vehicles which have structural damage to their bodies. With great pride Panelbeating Unlimited can assure you that they can repair vehicles to meticulous standard due to a wide range of state of the are equipment and professionally trained panel beaters.

Included in the range of specialized equipment are quick drying lamps for touch ups on paintwork, infra-red lights to dry paint where touchups are made as well as two post lifts. Panelbeating Unlimited has two straitening benches the chief Advance Tec 5000 Genisis computerized straitening machine which works with a computerized laser measuring system and the Cellette Gazelle Diagnostic System with its Electronic Measuring System.

Panelbeating Unlimited gives you the market leading service, ensuring your vehicle is repair adheres to our strict quality policy!

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